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The future made present in the Raw Materials and Food Market in General


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Raw Materials and Food with a wide range of products that cover meats, dairy, grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, oils, fats and more...

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To solve the financial, exchange, logistic and operational problems of Customers and Suppliers with fast, secure deliveries and reliable ...

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For Customers and Suppliers regardless of the size.  We treat all customers with equal care.

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Solutions for distribution companies of food for any
location in the world

25 years making a difference...



  • Palm Oil.

  • Soybean Oil.

  • Sunflower Oil.

  • Raw & RBD Oil.

  • Olive Oil.

  • Register Trademark.

Varieties of Grain

Cereals and Beans

  • Polished White Rice.

  • Yellow & White Corn.

  • Soybeans & Soybean Flour.

  • Wheat Flour.

  • Variety of beans.

Periodic Table
  • Metanol.
  • Alumina Powder.
  • Petcoke.
  • Petroleum / derivatives



  • Pork Cuts.

  • Chicken Cuts.

  • Beef Cuts.

  • Sardines Can.

  • Tuna Can.

  • Salmon Can.

Sugar, Powder Milk, Coffee & others...
  • Refined Sugar.
  • Milk Powder.
  • Cooffe.
  • Pasta.
Chemical Plant
Agrochemicals & Fertiliziers
  • Pearl Urea.
  • Granular Urea.
  • Animal Urea.
  • Npk. 

why we are your best option ?

Our main purpose is to create Business Opportunities attractive to the interests of our Clients and Suppliers

We facilitate the purchase and sale of contracts whose values ​​are linked to the best Quality / Price of Raw Materials and Commodities

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We are committed to be a reliable partner that will guarantee Customers and Suppliers the achievement of their commercial objectives, providing solutions that ensure access to high-quality Raw Materials and Food in General, at the best possible price, with a  financing option. In UFG, we solve the needs of the Client and guarantee the timely payment of the Supplier, working on the Win / Win premise.

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Contact us at the Master Phone 001 571-315-7742  or write us to our  email  info@ufgus.com

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Products & Services

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