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At United Financials Group, we are committed to your growth and consolidation in the Human and Animal Food, Raw Materials, Agrochemicals, Medicines for Human and Animals and Minerals Market .

Our technical team is ready to help you achieve your goals, 

no matter how ambitious they are. Visit us at our Main Office Located at 3938 Plaza Drive, Fairfax, Va, 22130, USA or at any of the Offices of our Strategic Partners all around the world. 



Inversiones Benchimol, SL., Lic. Elias Benchimol, CEO

Located at Av Peatonal Paseo Sarmiento, # 161, Mendoza


Market Garden Inversiones, SL.,  Dra Anais Hortet Garces, CEO

Located at Calle Maestro Noguerol # 24, 1-A 18193, Granada


Grupo RoposI, SL,  PhD. Rodolfo Requena Perez, CEO

Located at Schottegatweg Oost Unit 1A1, Willemstad


000 Cheverof, LLC., Ing Boris Sharistov, CEO, Located at Chernomorskiy  B-R 19k2-97, Moscow, Russia, 117452

Contact us at the Master Phone 001 571-315-7742  or write us to our  email

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