How to Contact UFG:
  • Fill out our contact form and one of our UFG Representatives will contact you within 24 hours.
How do I purchase with UFG ?:
  • Once you fill out our contact form a UFG representative, will reach out to you and ask for the following information: 
    • Name, Address and Tax Registration Number of your company
    • Name, Address and contact information of the Legal Representative of your company.
    • Detailed description of
      • The Product
      • Quantity
      • Place of destination
      • Type of packaging
      • Any additional details if your request is special.
    • Once this information has been received you will receive an email within 24-48 hours with details about your quote. Once you've agreed to the terms , we will  define the dates of dispatch and the form and dates of the agreed payments.
How does UFG guarantee the advance payments to its Clients?
  •   At UFG we primarily  work with Letters of Credit for security and comfort of all parties involved. If you need different terms for payment, we will discuss with all parties and come to an agreeable solution.
I am a Broker / Reseller, is UFG willing to work with me and will they pay me a commissions?
  • At UFG, we work with several business models and we will honor commissions once we formalize through contracts between parties.