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We are committed to be a reliable partner that will guarantee Customers and Suppliers the achievement of their commercial objectives, providing solutions that ensure access to high-quality Raw Materials, Food, and Medicines for Human and Animals in General, at the best possible price, with a  financing option. In UFG, we solve the needs of the Client and guarantee the timely payment of the Supplier, working on the Win / Win premise.


At United Financials Group we are always available to our Client and Supplier focused on helping them achieve their objectives in the complex local, regional or international Food, Raw Materials and Medicines for Human and Animals market ...


  1. We provide consulting for manufacturers, distributors, resellers and franchise organizations, offering solutions of Raw Materials, Food or Medicines for Human and Animals in General, guaranteeing the best price / quality / location / delivery time and with financing possibilities adapted to the needs of the applicant.

  2. We have a large database organized by Products, Consumers, Buyers, Resellers, Prices, Quality, Delivery Time and Location, which we put at the service of our Clients, saving them time to capitalize on all their commercial opportunities.

  3. We give access to a wide variety of products from different backgrounds, closing reliable agreements, backed by our experience and popularity.

  4. We provide our customers with constant information about markets, suppliers, buyers, alternatives of different origins, reliability, quality, prices and permanent advice for export / import processes.

  5. We focus on continuity, product and market development, taking advantage of long-term operations and the characteristics of each customer, supplier, country, region, price, quality and delivery time.

  6. We guarantee the safety of operations, based on our knowledge of the market of customers and suppliers, a world where every day it becomes more difficult to differentiate Deceptive Offers from True Business Opportunities.




  1. Business owners know that time, like money, is precious goods. At UFG, we help you make the best possible use of both resources.

  2. Our teams of professionals, make the relevant follow-ups to ensure that the contractual terms and delivery times are met once Customers and Suppliers have closed their Operations,

  3. Our technical team provides assistance to Clients and Suppliers, during the execution of the business until the goods are delivered, to solve the problems related to the issues of transportation, payments, legal documentation, quality, verification and any other need generated in The export / import process.

  4. We innovate every day, from products to processes that provide value to our customers. We are passionate about taking advantage of technology for the convenience of our associates.

  5. In addition to its headquarters, located in Washington DC, we maintain correspondent offices and representatives in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia.




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